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Fourpaws-ForU    mans best friend, or should i say womens.    

Owning a German Shepherd is a very big commitment we want the very very best for our pups just as much as we want to breed the very best pups therefore we like to meet Prospective Buyers this gives them a chance to meet our Dogs and of course see at first hand if we have the pup they would like to be considered for , for this reason we ask you to visit before any order is made

About Us

  We are lovers of German Shepherds and  are breeding them we shall be offering puppies for sale on this site , soon we shall be updating with photo's and info so please  bookmark us,    our aim is to return to the old original values of the German Shepherd  the strong straight back the large working dog   Not the slopeing back that has been forced upon the breed  by other breeders and detracts from the breed also causing many health problems  we feel Contact us here.


Site is under construction so please bookmark us   hope to be up and running soon

35801 1 school road, Jerusalem, ohio | 740-757-2895

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